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Are you prepared to easily and precisely modify your painting projects? Welcome to Accurate Estimates, your reliable source for thorough painting estimation services. Our team of experienced painting estimators is available to help you at every stage of the process, whether painting the outside of your home or taking on an interior makeover.

Our clients

Over the years, Accurate Estimates has worked with various painting estimation clients. A few of them are listed below:

painting estimating

Oru Painting Estimators

Our expert painting estimators typically apply their knowledge swiftly. They handle a variety of painting projects. Here are a few of them:

    • Paints
    • Stains
    • Transparent Finishing
    • Faux Finishing
    • Gilding
    • Metallic
    • Patinas and Chrome finish
    • Multicolour Interior Finishing
    • Textured Finishing
    • High-Performance Coatings
    • Special Coatings

We have trained our estimators to handle any building project of any size. Our expert estimators mainly use PlanSwift software to aid with estimation. Our painting estimators typically handle The following residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Exterior and Interior paint estimating

Accurate Painting Estimate provide expert estimation services for both exterior and interior paint projects, whether you’re remodeling the inner areas or painting the exterior of your house. Our estimators produce precise estimates that satisfy your project objectives by considering elements like surface preparation, paint type, and application technique. You can be confident that your painting project will be finished on schedule and budget with our experience.

Commercial Painting Estimator

For commercial painting jobs of all shapes and sizes, Accurate Painting Estimate excels in offering estimation services. Whether you’re remodelling an industrial building, retail store, or office space, our staff works closely with you to create precise estimates that meet your project specifications. You may submit competitive bids and secure additional contracts when you have our commercial painting estimator on your side.

Home Painting Cost Estimating

Are you thinking about painting your house? Complete estimation services are provided by Accurate Estimates to help you realise your goals while staying within your means. Our home painting cost estimator examines project details and offers precise cost estimates for interior and exterior painting projects. With our services, you can confidently plan your project, whether you’re painting a single room or renovating your entire house.

Our Deliverable

    • Applying paint to takeoff spreadsheets.
    • Costs of materials, labour, and equipment
    • Hours of Man
    • Revised drawn plans with annotations.
    • Takeoff summary, which includes overall expenses for labour, supplies, machinery, overhead, earnings, etc.
    • Unbiased evaluation of ‌inclusions and exclusions

Our Past Experience

When estimating paint projects, our team of estimators for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces favour superior materials. Our experts can handle your budget-friendly demands for high-performance coatings, chrome finishing, patinas, translucent finishing, multicoloured interior finishing, and much more. You can rely on us whether you need painting for a business or a residence. Numerous accomplished painting and construction projects are in our portfolio. Do you want to know what advantages come with using our estimate services? Hire us right now.

We Provide Benefits:

Obtain estimation papers from us that are easy to read. For the most accurate estimates for any construction project, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced painting estimators who specialise in residential, commercial, and industrial painting. We guarantee that the details of your project will remain 100% confidential because of our skilled and qualified estimators. In addition, we ensure that every estimate we provide complies with industry norms and international construction codes. What are you waiting for then? Acquire more bids by realising the full potential of our professional painting estimating services.

Painting estimates

How Accurate Estimates Work

Comprehensive Assessment

We start by comprehensively assessing your painting project, considering factors including surface area, paint type, preparatory needs, and any particular requirements. This ensures our estimates are tailored to your project’s requirements and limitations.

Advanced Technology

Our team accurately calculates project costs and schedules using cutting-edge estimating software and instruments. Our technologies help us complete the estimating process without compromising accuracy or dependability.

Collaborative Approach

We support candid dialogue and teamwork throughout the estimate process. Our team works directly with you to comprehend your objectives, preferences, and financial limitations so that our estimates meet your needs and offer insightful information for project planning.

Why Choose Accurate Estimates?

Select us for your painting estimation needs because we prioritise accuracy, dependability, and client satisfaction. With extensive knowledge and experience, our team of skilled painting estimators ensures you receive accurate cost estimates and schedules that meet ‌your specific requirements for every project.

We simplify the estimating process by using cutting-edge technology and top-tier industry resources. This enables us to provide quick and precise estimates so you can confidently plan your painting jobs.


Furthermore, as part of our dedication to transparent communication and teamwork, we collaborate closely during the estimating process, offering insightful analysis and helpful suggestions to support you in realising your project objectives.

You can depend on Accurate Estimates to support your estimates with professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to quality. Experience the difference that our painting estimating services can make, along with the many satisfied customers who have already done so. Let us be your successful partner on all painting jobs.

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Step 1

Send us your plans through email at, Google Drive, Dropbox, or other methods you choose.


Step 2

Prior to commencing, we shall furnish you with a comprehensive quotation of our services. As we acknowledge the distinctive requirements of each client, Our Construction Estimating Company conduct a thorough evaluation of each situation. We take into consideration various aspects such as project scope, complexity, trades, and other relevant factors.

Step 3

Our expert team will conduct a meticulous project takeoff and estimation. Upon completion, we shall provide you with both a PDF and an Excel file of the detailed estimate.
How we estimate your project As leading Estimating Company

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Our estimates are derived from carefully examining ‌materials, labour, industry standards, and project parameters. We guarantee accuracy by utilising cutting-edge technologies and industry knowledge.

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your project, and we’ll walk you through the steps to begin our painting estimation services.

Yes, we can show you samples of our prior work or connect you with happy customers who can vouch for the calibre of our services and work.

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